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Tax Manager

You can also configure your 3dcart store to charge tax on applicable orders when they come in. 3dcart has several options for setting up your store's tax settings.

  • Zip Code Based
    3dcart's built-in Tax Manager allows you to specify tax charges based on the U.S. zip codes or zip code ranges of where the order is being shipped to.
  • Country Based
    The built-in Tax Manager also allows you to specify tax charges based on International Country and State/Provice. This type of tax set up also allows for a multi-tiered tax structure where up to 3 different tax levels can be combined as needed.
  • 3rd Party Based
    3dcart also has partnerships with several 3rd party tax management solutions that offer more refined tax calculation for U.S. based merchants. These include Avalara, SpeedTax and TaxCloud.

Other tax options include:

  • Multi-level, tax code based charges
    A system by which different tax rates can be set on individual products (built-in to 3dcart)
  • Washington State Based Sales Tax
    An additional plugin (available directly through 3dcart) which offers realt-time tax calculation for Washington State based merchants.
  • Value Added Tax
    An additional plugin (available directly from 3dcart) which allows the display of VAT formatted pricing on your product pages for areas that require it.

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