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Online Payment

By going to Settings =>Payment =>Online Methods in the Left Hand Navigation menu, you can begin setting up your store's Online Payment Methods.

Online Payment Methods collect payment during checkout time and are typically used for Online Credit Card purchases. Online Payment Methods fall into two categories:

  • Redirect Gateways
    These are real-time payment options in which your shopper clicks on the payment method's button on your store front, and they are taken to a login screen at the service where their card information is already saved. Once logged in, they process the payment, and they are then redirected back to your store to complete the order. Meanwhile, the payment service connects to your store after the order is placed and finalizes the order payment. Examples include PayPal Express & Checkout by Amazon.
  • Transparent Gateways
    These are real-time payment options in which - to your shopper - there is no redirection happening at all. For all intents and purposes, your shopper is entering their credit card and billing information directly onto the order in your store and the payment process is finalized for them right then and there. In the background however, the credit card information is not being saved on your store at all. Instead, the credit card details are being sent via a payment gateway to your merchant service where the payment is processed and the order is allowed to go through.

For Payment Gateway methods, you will need a merchant account service (usually available through your banking institution) and a compatible gateway that is used by the merchant account service.

3dcart has built-in integrations with over 100 Payment Gateways, so there are quite a few options available to you.

For more information on setting up Online Payment Gateways, please review our knowledgebase article on the subject by clicking here.

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