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Shipping Countries

By default, your 3dcart store is set to allow orders and shipping to all countries and all states. However, you may want to limit the areas that you are prepared to ship to or accept orders from by configuring specific countries on your store's order forms.

This can be done by using the Left Hand Navigation menu and going to Settings =>Shipping =>Shipping Countries

Here, you can select the countries that you are willing to accept orders from or ship to by either selecting or deselecting their respective checkboxes.

You can also specify states for each country if desired to further refine your shopper's selections.

Note: Specifying states for a country will provide your shoppers with a drop down menu which can be used to select their billing/shipping state during their orders. By default, 3dcart will populate all U.S states and Canadian Provinces. For all other countries, you can specify their individual state or provinces as needed. If left blank however, the order forms will contain text fields (instead of a drop down) so that your shoppers can manually enter their state during checkout.

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