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Shipping Methods

After integrating your store with your shipping carrier, the next step in the process will be to set up which shipping methods from the carriers you will want to use. This can be done by using the Left Hand Navigation menu and going to Settings =>Shipping =>Shipping Methods.

Once there, you can click on the "Add New" button towards the top right to select the Shipping Method that you'd like to add.

Tip: At the very top of the page, you will see a section labeled "Real Time Shipping Information." This section needs to be populated with your store's "shipping from" address information in order to properly calculate real time shipping calculation as information entered here will act as the order's origin.

During the adding process you can also specify the following:

  • Country/State
    Use this to set for which countries and state location the shipping methods will appear.
  • Min./Max. Weight
    Use these fields to specify at what weight range the shipping method will appear
  • Markup
    This field can be used if you would like to add a markup cost to the shipping method that will be added to the shipping quote on the order if the shipping method is selected.
  • Cust. Group
    Here, you can assign the shipping method to a specific customer group so that it only will appear for customers residing in that group.

After adding the shipping method, you will be able to edit each of the above except Country/State. You will also have an area where the shipping method's caption can be changed to reflect your own wording if desired.

Note: In order to use a carrier specific shipping method, you will first need to integrate your store to that shipping carrier using the Settings =>Shipping =>Shipping Settings section.

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