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Customer Groups & Pricing Levels

With 3dcart Customer Groups, you can create different pricing levels and areas for different types of customers. For example, your regular store will be accessible by default retail users, but you can also have a wholesale customer group with different pricing structures or even exclusive products.

The process of creating Customer Groups can be started by going to Customers =>Customer Groups in the left hand navigation menu. Once there, you will see a button labeled "Add Group" which will let you create the group.

When creating a group for the first time, you will have the following options:

  • Group Name
    An Identifying name for the group like Wholesale, Loyalty Program, or something similar.
  • Description
    A brief description of the group to further identify the group.
  • Minimum Order
    Here you can input the minimum monetary order amount that customers belonging to this group must purchase before checkout. For example, your wholesale customers may enjoy a price level that is 15% off the regular price, but they also must have a minimum of $100 inb their cart to checkout.
  • Price Level
    Here you will specify which pricing level members of the customer group will enjoy. The price levels can be set by going to the product's "Advanced" tab and entering the Price Levels section.

Aside from special pricing, you can also limit the following aspects of your store to individual cusotmer groups:

  • Promotions
    Limit special promotions and discounts exclusively to only memebers of a particular group
  • Payment & Shipping Methods
    Limit your payment and shipping methods so that they only appear for special customer groups.
  • Product Categories & Product Listings
    Limit certain products and categories so that they can only be viewed and purchased by members of a special customer group.
  • Content Pages
    You can also limit your Content Pages so that they can only be viewed by memebers of a particular group.

Note: For more information on creating and managing Customer Groups, please visit our knowledgebase article located here.

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