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Importing Products

If you have a large catalog of items or otherwise need a faster way of adding products to your store, you can use 3dcart's built-in Export/Import feature.

Using the left hand navigation menu, proceed to

Products =>Export/Import where you will be presented with all of your product export and import options. Of the store's exported and imported information will be done through the use of basic text files formatted with comma separated values (CSV).The page itself will be split into 2 halves with the top half being for your product's various export functions and the bottom half being for their respective import functions.

These include the following:

  • Products
    Export or Import all of your product information, including pricing, stock, image paths, categories, etc.
  • Categories
    Export or Import your store's Category and Sub-Category Structure
  • Product Options
    Export/Import the Product Options and Variants
  • Advanced Options
    Export/Import Product Advanced Options
  • Products Pricing
    Export/Import product pricing Bulk Discount Pricing information
  • Products Inventory
    Export/Import Stock levels for your products and advanced options.
  • Image Gallery
    Export/Import product image gallery paths.

Tip: A general tip before importing CSV files is to add a few products manually to the store - using the 3dcart Online Store Manager interface - and then exporting the product CSV. This way you can have a visual representation of what your products general CSV will and should look like before importing your own created file.

For basic information on the Product Export/Import CSV file, please click here.

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