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Product Options

Next to the "Images" tab, you will find the product's "Options" tab. This is a section which will allow you to specify any variations that are possible for your product. For example; colors, sizes, etc.

You can present the option selections in quite a variety of ways including:

  • Dropdown
    Users select their desired options from a dropdown menu
  • Radio
    Users select their options by clicking on a radio button
  • Checkbox
    Users can select multiple options by selecting the appropriate checkboxes
  • Text
    Users can specify a single line of text for their customized product (i.e. can be used for monogramming, or basic labeling)
  • Textbox
    Users can specify a large block of text for their customized product (i.e. can be used for messaging, engraving, etc)
  • File
    Users can provide you with an image or document upload that can be used towards their customized product (i.e. can be used for logo or branding uploads)
  • and more.

Note: If the 3dcart plan you own has a specific number of products allowed, product options and variants do not count against your alottment.

Advanced Options

For inventory control purposes, you can also enable "Advanced Options" on the product.

Clicking on the button will display all of your product's possible variants and allow you to include stock, weight and even part number information for each individual variant.

Tip: Please review our Instructional Steps on adding Product Options by clicking here.

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