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Product Images

Product images can help you sell your products. So after entering your basic product details on the Information Tab, your next step will be to go to the product's "Images" tab. Here, you'll have the chance to specify your various images for the product.

Main Image

Once at the page, you will be able to browse and select a picture for your main product image. By clicking on the "Browse" button, the interface will allow you to select an image you've already uploaded to your store (via the File Manager), or otherwise browse your desktop/computer for the image file.

Once the main image is specified, the system will give you the chance of creating a thumbnail image for the product from its main image.

Note: Thumbnail images are basicaly smaller versions of the main images that will be displayed typically on category listings and banner displays. When the store creates the thumbnail image, it will essentially create a copy of the main image and shrink it down to thumbnail size while adding "_thumbnail.jpg" to its naming convention. You can also elect to bypass this option and upload your own thumbnails if desired by simply unchecking the provied checkbox.

After specifying the image, you can also add a caption for the image which will appear directly below its display.

Additional Images

You can also specify up to 3 additional images for your product which will display alongside the main image. Specifying the additional images is the same as for the main image in that you will click the browse button and select the image you'd like to use, add a caption, etc.

These additional images will will expand and replace the main image's display as they are clicked.

Image Gallery

For products in which you have a large number of images, you can also use the "Image Gallery" which allows you to specify an unlimited number of pictures to be associated with the product. Simply click on the "Add New" button for the image gallery, then browse to and caption the images that will appear in the gallery.

On the product listing page, the image gallery will appear as a link or button, that will open up a simple pop-up window containing each of your image gallery pictures.


Between the Main Image and Additional Images sections, you will see a Video section with a "URL" field and a button labeled "Browse YouTube" beneath it.

This option allows you to embed a video from YouTube directly onto the product listing page. This may be any video you'd like such as an informational or instructional video about the product, a demonstration of the product, or perhaps even a "making of" video of the product's manufacture.

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