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Merchant Information

The store's Merchant information is where you will be able to add your company's geographical location and contact information. This will not only be used on the store front's "Contact Us" and "About Us" pages, but also on your store's order confirmation and invoices.

To set your store's Merchant Information, use the left navigation menus and proceed to Settings =>General =>Merchant Information. Once here, you will be able to enter your information as needed for the following:

  • Company Name
    Your company's name information. This may be the same or different than your store's name if your business happens to have a parent company/child store structure.
  • Address, City, State, Country, & Postal Code
    This information will be your company's mailing address. Again, this may be different than your store's mailing information.
  • Phone, Alternate Phone, & Fax
    These will be displayed as your contact information for inquiries. You may leave these blank if you wish.
  • URL
    Your company's website URL information
  • Email
    This is the email address to which the store's notifications will be sent to.
  • Invoice Terms
    Information Entered here will appear on the store's invoices when orders are placed.
  • Invoice Logo
    Similar to the store logo but this is the logo that will appear in your order confirmation pages and invoices.

Note: We provide a separate section for the invoice logo for stores that have a main logo that is designed for a dark background. The invoice logo appears on a white background, so it may necessary to specify a different logo for this purpose. More information on this can be found here.

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