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Header & Footer

When you first look at your store front, the store name and slogans will read "Sample Store" and "Sample Slogan" respectively. To change this information to your liking, log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager. Then, using the left navigation, proceed to Settings =>Design =>Header and Footer.

Once there, you will have three fields which can be used for your store's branding.

  • Store name
    This will be your store's name.
  • Store slogan
    Here's where you can enter your store's slogan. If you don't have a slogan for your store, simply leave the field blank.
  • Store logo
    If you have a logo for your store's branding, you can use the "Browse" link to upload and provide an image path to your store's logo via the File Manager.

Note: When specifying a logo for the store, the Store name and Store Slogan fields will not be shown on the store front. However, it is still important to populate these two fields since the information will still be used for the store's title information.

Putting knowledge into practice

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