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Navigating the Online Store Manager

Upon logging into the Online Store Manager, you will be presented with a welcome screen showing you your store's Sales History (for the last 30-days), top selling items, plan usage, and important information regarding 3dcart in general.

Left Hand Navigation

Along the left hand side of the Online Store Manager you will see a series of menu options (orders, products, customers, etc) where you can interact with your store's settings and features. Hovering over a topical menu will expand its additional sub-menus so you can go into those areas of the interface.

Your Left Hand Menu will be made up of the following Topics:

  • Orders
    Your order management screens. This will include sub-menus for eachof the possible statuses that orders can fall into such as new, canceled, not complete and shipped among others.
  • Products
    This series of sub-menus will pertain to all of your product information including adding/viewing products, categories, controlling inventory and more.
  • Customers
    This menu topic will allow you to manage your store's customer records and anything else regarding your customers.
  • Marketing
    Here you will have access to areas that help you market your online store such as SEO settings, Promotions and newsletters
  • Settings
    This menu will contain areas for your general store settings, design, payment and shipping options
  • Reports
    Will contain your store's built-in reports
  • Plugins
    Here you will find pages where you can configure certain 3rd party plugins that are available to your store.
  • Social Commerce
    The options in this menu will help you tap your store into the Social Media aspects of the Internet
  • My Shortcuts
    This menu will contain any of the pages you have bookmarked by clicking on the "Add to my shortcuts" button at the bottom right of the Online Store Manager.

Tip: The left hand navigation is structured (from top to bottom) in an order that is better suited to managing the store once it is up and running. Hence, the Orders menu is at the top, followed by Products, etc. This was done in an effort to make managing the store (after it's been created) more efficient.

However, when you are initially creating your store, you will be navigating to many different areas than the menu structure suggests. So while you are in the initial stages of your store's creation, be aware that you won't always be going in order from top to bottom.

Top Navigation

Along the top of the 3dcart Online Store Manager, you will have a series of navigation elements for other facets of your store.

Your Top Navigation Menu will include the following:

  • Home
    Takes you back to the Online Store Manager's Home page where your sales summary is located.
  • View Store
    This button will open up your store in a separate window, allowing you to see the store front while still logged in as the administrator.
  • File Manager
    This interface will allow you to upload the various image and PDF files used for your store.
  • CRM
    When someone contacts you via the store's built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), their help tickets will be housed in this section.
  • E-Mail
    If you are using the email supplied by 3dcart, this button will allow you to set up an auto login to your email account.
  • Live Chat
    If your account has the 3dLive Chat plugin included*, this button will allow you to set up its auto login.
  • Stats
    If your account has the 3d SmarterStats plugin included*, this button will allow you to set up its auto login.
  • Log Out
    Logs you out of the 3dcart Online Store Manager.

*3dLive Chat and 3d Smarter Stats may require additional purchase. (They are included as part of the Professional+ and Power Plans)

Bottom Navigation

Along the bottom of the 3dcart Online Store Manager you will have some additional links of interest. These are as follows:

  • Online Support
    This link will allow you to create a support ticket directly from your Online Store Manager. Support tickets can either be directed to Technical Support, Billing or Sales.
  • Training Videos
    This link will take you to some of the various training videos that have been created to help you use the 3dcart service.
  • Design Services
    This link will take you to the 3dcart store where you can purchase additional services such as premium templates, professional services, and other additional features.
  • Marketing Services
    This link will go to our Search Engine Optimization and eCommerce Marketing service listings.
  • Add page to my shortcuts
    Located at the far right of the footer, this button will bookmark whatever page you happen to be viewing in the Online Store Manager. Then, using the "My Shortcuts" menu on the left hand navigation, you can manage your bookmarked pages and access them instantly.

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