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Logging Into Your Online Store Manager

Your 3dcart store is made up of two sections. The store front is the part of the store your shoppers will see. Here is where they will browse and order your items. The second part of your 3dcart store is the 3dcart Online Store Manager. This is where you - as merchant - and your staff will log in to create and manager the store as well as process orders coming in from the store front.

The login to the Online Store Manager will be possible through a specific URL. It will be something similar to https://yourdomain-com.3dcartstores.com/admin/login.asp.

Please refer to your Welcome Email for the login information to the 3dcart Online Store Manager.

Note: When you initially sign up for 3dcart, you will be asked for your store's domain name. This can either be a domain name you already own, or we can register one for you (free of charge) if it is available. Regardless of which option is chosen at the time of sign up, you will also be given a temporary URL with *.3dcartstores.com to allow you to create your store while registration and/or DNS changes are put through.

Change Password

Upon logging into the Online Store Manager for the very first time, you will be prompted to change your password. You password should be 8 to 10 characters long and contain at least one CAPITAL letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. For PCI compliance, the Online Store Manager will require a password change every 45-days.

Note: If you cannot log in with your supplied username and password, you can request a password change from the login screen. Just enter your username and the system will send an email to the address on file for that username. Once received, the "Forgot Password" email will allow you to specify a new password for login.

Getting Started Wizard

If this is your first time logging into your 3dcart Cart Online Store Manager, you will also be greeted by the Getting Started Wizard. This is a quick setup guide that will allow you to set up the basics of your store such as your company name, templates, categories, products, shipping, tax and payment configurations.

All of the areas of the wizard can be accessed at any time through your Online Store Manager. When you are presented with the wizard, you can either elect to complete it or otherwise close it.

If you close the wizard, it will go away until your next login to your Online Store Manager. If you complete the wizard, it will not cease to show up at all.

Note: You can also - if you'd like - cancel the wizard altogether so that it doesn't come up again, regardless of whether you've completed it or not.

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