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You can also export or import your customer records via CSV as needed.

This can be helpful if you are transferring your store from a different service and need to transfer your customer records as well.

Using the Left Navigation Menus, go to Customers =>Export/Import where you will find the following Export/Import options:

  • Newsletter Emails
    Export a CSV file of emails that have subscribed to your store's mailing list. The file will contain mostly email addresses, but will also contain customer contact informaiton if they subscribed to your mailing list as part of the purchase process.
  • Customers
    Export a CSV file of your store's customer records. This file will include information such as the full contact information as well as customer groups and registration dates. You can also create a filtered CSV export based on customer group, First Initial and Registration Date
  • Blacklist Emails
    Export a CSV file of email addresses that have requested to be removed from your Mailing List Subscription
  • Reward Points
    If you use the store's Rewards Point System, you can also export as CSV file of your customer records that have Reward Points assigned to them (as well as the total of points they have)

On the bottom half of the page, you will find Import Options for each of the above Exports

Tip: Be sure to use the sample files with each import in order to correctly format the CSV file for import.

For information on Exporting/Importing customer records, please review our knowledgebase tutorial located here.

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