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Gift Certificates

As a 3dcart Merchant, you have the option of creating Gift Certificate products that will allow your shopper to make a payment on a special gift certificate code for a friend (or used by themselves at a later time) for future purchases.

In the Settings =>Payment =>Gift Certificates area of your 3dcart Online Store Manager, you can also generate gift certificate codes on the fly. This can be useful for situations where you need to offer a shopper a store credit rather than a refund on the credit card (which may incur processing fees) or if the credit is to used to address other customer service issues.

This page of the Online Store Manager also allows you to create campaigns for Group Certificate programs such as Groupon or LivingSocial which require a large series of gift certificate codes to be created en masse.

Please be sure to review our knowledgebase articles for instructions on using Gift Certificates

  • For more information on creating and using Merchant distributed Gift Certificates, please review our knowledgebase article located here.
  • And for further information on creating and using Group Certificates, please click here.

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