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Store Settings

By going to Settings =>General =>Store Settings in your 3dcart Online Store Manager, you will be presented with various options and configurable settings for your store's overall functionality and presentation.

The Store Settings page itself is organized into the following headings:

  • Regional Settings
    This section will contain settings for your store's regional information including the store's time zone (for order timstamps), the currency symbol shown on your product pricing, and your currency code.
  • General Settings
    In this area, you can set various options for your store's overall layout such as the number of columns displayed for specific pages (category, home page, etc), as well as sorting and other layout options
  • Checkout Settings
    Here, you will find the various options for your store's checkout process pages including setting the store for single or multiple step checkout, checkout requirements, continue shopping actions, and more.
  • Orders Settings
    These settings will control some aspects of your store's built-in order manager functionality such as the the order status queues and invoice numbering sequence.
  • Products Settings
    This section will give you contorl over several aspects of your product display such as the image zoom functions, login requirements for products and other settings.
  • Main Store Settings
    The Main Store Settings section will let you set several display functions of the store such as hiding menu links, categories, and other navigation elements.
  • Top Sellers Settings
    Control the store's use and display of Top Selling items.
  • New Release Settings
    Control the store's use and display of New Release items.
  • Store Search Settings
    Set the various options available for your store's built-in search function
  • Inventory Settings
    In this section, you can control if your store tracks inventory as well as how items are displayed globally when they reach 0 in stock.
  • Email Settings
    Here, you can set which order statuses trigger an email to the shopper as well as an address to send a copy of emails to for your own record keeping.
  • Advanced Settings
    If you are using API functions or services for you store, this section will let you configure your options.
  • Store URL
    The final section of the Store Settings page will let you set the main URL as well as the secure URL that will be used by your store front.

Tip: Many of the settings on this page are also available at individual product and category levels. However, when used on this page, the setting will act globally rather than on the individual level.

For a comprehensive outline of each setting found on this page, please review our knowledgebase article available by clicking here.

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