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The page found by going to Settings =>General =>Store Modules in your 3dcart Online Store Manager will allow you to configure and set several of the built-in and optional functions available on your 3dcart store. Each icon of this page can be clicked on in order to expand the view in to the respective module's configuration settings.

The following are the default modules available to your store. Wherever possible, we will provide a link to that feature's specific knowledgebase article(s).

  • 3dFeedback
    This module will provide you with the scripting code necessary for using 3dFeedback, which lets your store visitors leave you feedback on their experiences in your store. Instructions on how to use this feature can be found here.
  • Abandoned Carts Notification
    If enabled, this script sends an email to visitors with orders that have not yet completed with a message to entice their return to your store to complete the purchase. For instructions, click here.
  • Affiliate Program
    This module will set your global settings if you plan on using 3dcart's built-in Affiliate program. Click here for instructions on using the Affiliate program
  • Autoresponder
    Within this module you can set up and configure your store's Autoresponder email campaigns as well as Automation Rules which will trigger the email campaign(s) to send.
  • Aviary Integration
    Here, yoiu can enter your Aviary API key which allows you to perform some basic photo editing to your store's product images.
  • Back in Stock Automated Notification
    If you use Waiting List for your out of stock items, this module will allow you to automatically email customers when the items are replenished.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    This portion of the Modules page will allow you to set up and configure your store's internal ticketing/CRM functions. Click here for the full tutorial on using your store's CRM.
  • Daily Deals
    This module is used to configure your store's Daily Deal oferrings and settings.
  • eBay Integration
    3dcart merchants who have a seller profile on eBay have the option of listing their 3dcart items on eBay as well as transferring their eBay orders into the 3dcart store with this module (available for 3dcart Professional + and higher accounts). Please click herefor our
  • eBay integration tutorials.
  • Facebook Connect
    Merchant using 3dcart's Facebook Connect implementation can also set an option allowing shoppers to share news of their purchase on Facebook and Twitter. This module will provide the scripting needed for the "Share Your Purchase" functionality.
  • Fraudwatch
    If you are subscribed to 3dcart's FraudWatch service, you can manage and set your screening rules which will let you specify how orders are handled based on the FraudWatch score.
  • Gift Wrapping
    This module allows you to set up a global gift wrapping option on your store which will let shoppers add gift wrapping to their purchases during final checkout. Click here for instructions on using the Gift Wrapping Module.
  • Group Deals
    This module will be used to configure and set your store's Group Deal offers. Instructions for using Group Deals can be found here.
  • Homepage Carousel
    This module will allow you to display a rolling carousel of images on your store's home page. To set up your Home Page Carousel, click here.
  • Make an Offer
    The Make-an-Offer module allows you to offer a simple haggle pricing method on select products of your store. Visit our Knowledgebase article here for information on setting this module up.
  • MCommerce
    3dcart offers a special set of templates for mobile telephone browsers called mCommerce. This module allows you to configure your mobile templates as well as set a special auto-detect script that will automatically direct users to the mobile templates.
  • Multiple Ship To
    Here, you can enable the function which will allow your shoppers to select multiple shipping addresses during their order.
  • PO System
    This module allows you to set up and configure a Purchase Order system to allow invoicing to your distributors when products require re-order.
  • Product Reviews
    Your 3dcart store comes equipped with a built-in product review system in which your shoppers can leave reviews on items purchased. This following link will instruct you on using the Product Review feature.
  • Power Reviews
    As an alternative to the built-in reivew system, 3dcart Merchants can also integrate their store with the 3rd party service PowerReviews. Instructions for integrating with PowerReviews can be found here.
  • Product Question & Answers
    With this module, you can set up and configure a Product Q&A feature that will allow your store visitors to ask and receive answers to their questions about specific products. To learn more about using the feature, please click here.
    As an alternative to the built-in CAPTCHA function on 3dcart, you can use this module to configure and use Google's ReCAPTCHA function
  • Return Merchandize Authorization
    If you'd like to add the RMA function to your store, this module will let you enable and configure the feature. Click here for details.
  • Reward Points for Customers
    A built-in feature available to you is the ability to grant reward points to your shoppers that can be redeemed for items on your store. The knowledgebase tutorial for this feature can be found here.
  • Wish List
    When enabled, this module will let your shoppers create wish lists of items that they may want to purchase at a later date. Wish Lists can be made public or private depending on how your configuration is set up.

Remember to follow the links inline above to review the instructional knowledgebase articles for that module

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