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The first sub-page in the Marketing menu is your store's SEO Tools Page. This page offers a collection of tools and settings that help optimize your store's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configurations.

Here, we will provide a basic look and definition of tools available to you in the Marketing =>SEO Tools page. Wherever applicable, we will provide a link to each feature's respective knowledgebase article.

Note: Settings marked with an * should always be turned on for proper SEO, unless you have a specific need.

  • SEO Settings
    • Custom File Names - Here you can set and update your site's custom file names which allow you to specify your own naming convention to your site pages rather than the default 3dcart page naming structure.
    • Enable Canonical URLs* - This checkbox is intended to avoid having multiple URLs with similar content penalize your search engine rankings. By enabling canonical URLs, your store's main URL will be used as canonical for search engine indexing.
    • Hide Category Header/Footer from Pagination - If your category pages are set to paginate - meaning that they list items as page 1, page 2 and so on - this checkbox will hide the category's header and footer when the category goes onto its second page. This is intended to further prevent panalization from search engines for having similar content in multiple pages.
    • Robots.txt - Through this button, you have the ability to edit your store's robot.txt file. This is a text file that controls how and where search engine spiders access your store for indexing. 3dcart provides a default robot.txt file, but you may edit it as needed.
  • Redirects
    • Store URL - For reference and informational purposes, this section will display your store's current Store URL which can be set by going to Settings =>General =>Store Settings.
    • IP Canonicalization* - This checkbox will direct any requests for the site's IP address to the Store URL.
    • Disable WWW Redirect - If marked, this checkbox will treat http://your-domain and
    • http://www.your-domain as two separate URLs. It is recommended to keep this setting unchecked.
    • Home Page Redirect - For reference and informational purposes, this section will display the page names that redirect to your store's root.
  • Sitemap
    • Sitemap URL - For reference and informational purposes, this section will display the URL to your store's sitemap. This can be useful when submitting your sitemap to search engines.
    • Refresh Sitemap - This button will refresh your store's sitemap to include any new category and/or product changes made to the store.
    • Sitemap Submission - These links will let you submit your sitemap to both Google and Bing for future indexing
  • Meta Tags
    • Override Meta Tag Editor Validation - This setting will allow you to override 3dcart's meta-tag validation. We recommend not marking this checkbox unless needed.
    • Enable Product Dynamic Tags* - Marking this checkbox will allow your product meta tags to be dynamically created directly from your product name, description, and keywords.
    • Home Page Meta Tags - This button will take you to the "Titles& Content" setting for your home page to add/edit meta tags as needed.
  • HTML Sitemaps
    • Products Index - Your store's Product index/sitemap URL.
    • Categories Index - Your store's Cateogry index/sitemap URL.
    • Manufacturers Index - Your store's Manufacturer index/sitemap URL.
  • Google Analytics
    • Tracking ID - If using Google Analytics, this field will be used for your Tracking ID
    • Enable Univeral Analytics - Mark this checkbox if you are using Google's Universal Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools Verification Meta Tag
  • Social Links
    • For HTML5 themes, these fields will link the applicable Social Media icons of your store with your respective Social Media channels. Simply enter the URL for each channel. You have fields for the following:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+
      • Pinterest
      • YouTube
      • Instagram
      • Tumblr
      • Blog
  • Product Page Rich Snippets
    • For reference and informational purposes, this section will list the microdata, Rich Snippets elements that are automatically part of your site's SEO.
  • Open Graph Meta Tags
    • View and edit your store's open graph meta tags which are used by social media channels to display and index references to your pages.

For a more comprehensive outline of the SEO Tools page (including further tutorial links), please click here for our Knowledgebase Article on the page.

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