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Another built-in option of your 3dcart store is the ability to set up an Affiliate Program for your store. The 3dcart affiliate program allows you to offer a service to your customers in which they can refer additional customers to your online store for potential sales and you can offer commisions based on those sales to the referring customer.

When using the Affiliate Program, 3dcart will keep track of the customers that make a purchase and automatically calculate the payout for the referral.

When going into the Customers =>Affiliate menu of your Online Store Manager, you will have three sub-menus that allow you to review and manage specific areas of the Affiliate Program. These sub-menu options are:

  • Affiliates List - View a list of your customer records who have registered to your affiliate program.
  • Payout Report - Review a report of the payouts due to your individual affiliates and keep records of commision payments made to them.
  • Orders - Review orders that have come in for individual affiliates and choose whether to approve or deny the commision payouts to them.

For in-depth coverage and information regarding the Affiliate program, its setup and use, please click here to review our knowledgebase article.

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