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Gift Registry

An optional feature available on your 3dcart store is the ability to provide your shoppers with an online gift registry for your products. This is a feature that allows your shoppers to create a gift registry on your store for a certain even such as a wedding or baby shower. Once they create the registry, your customer can browse through your store and select items that they would like to have purchased for their special event. They can then notify their friends about the registry and track items as they are purchased for their event.

The Customers =>Gift Registry menu in your 3dcart Online Store Manager will allow you to view and manage gift registries after they've been created. From there, you will be able to view the registrant's name and contact information, edit their shipping information if needed, as well as view items they've added to their registry (and which of those items have been purchased for them).

For complete information on setting up the Gift Registry option on your store, please review our tutorial located here.

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