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Store Language

By going to the Setting =>Design =>Store Language section of the Left Hand Navigation, you will be presented with a large page that contains practically every label used for various areas of the store.

For example, your store products will likely have a button allowing shoppers to add the item to their cart. By default, this button will be labeled as "Add to Cart" however, you may wish to change the wording. The Store Language area will allow for this.

Tip: Store Language is a very big page, so you may need to use your browser's search function to find the appropriate variable. On most browsers, the search can be invoked by using CTRL-F on your keyboard.

Examples of the areas that can be edited via Store Language include:

  • Button labels
  • Browsing Element titles such as "Manufacturers" and "Browse by Price"
  • Powered by 3dcart element at the bottom of your pages
  • Free Shipping Icon path
  • and more!

For more information on modifying your store's design including using the Store Language area, please click here.

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