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Titles & Content

By going to Settings =>Design =>Titles & Content, you can see a listing of every page that is shown on your store front. By clicking on the "Edit" button for each page, you will have the ability to edit the following areas of the page:

  • Navigation Elements
    By checking or unchecking the provided checkboxes, you can elect to show (or hide) the site navigation shown on the page including the menu, and left/right navigation banners.
  • SEO Title and Meta Tags
    Using the Title section, you can edit the page's Title. Then, using the Meta Tags area, you can add individual meta tag information for that specific page.
  • Header and Footer
    Finally, in the page's Header and Footer section you can add text or HTML formatted text to add additional content to the page's header (top) and footer (bottom) sections.

Tip: The Header and Footer section will allow you to use WYSIWYG for the formatting. For more information on using WYSIWYG, please review our online tutorial located here.

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