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Order Exports

In the Orders =>Export/Import section, you will see the options available to you for exporting your store's order data. This can be useful for book and record keeping of your store's generated orders as well as providing you with a way to get order details to manufacturers or distributors as needed.

Your order export filter options include the ability to export orders based on items from a particular distributor, orders placed on a specific date range, as well as orders in specific order status queues.

You can also export the orders with or without their respective items listed on the export file.

If you are using 3dcart's Checkout Questions feature, the Orders =>Export/Import section also allows you to export answers to those questions.

Finally, as you process orders and generate shipping labels, you can also import your shipping tracking numbers so they are appended to their respective orders.

Tip: For some additional information on your order export and importing options, please review our knowledgebase article located here.

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