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Order Status Queues

By using the left hand navigation of your 3dcart Online Store Manager, you can go to the Orders menu to see the various Status Queues where your orders will reside.

These include the following:

  • New - When an order is successfully completed and paid for using Online Payment Methods the orders will reside in this status.  This is an automatic status in that the orders are automatically directed to this queue upon payment.  However, you can also manually move orders into this status as needed.
  • In Process - If it is part of your workflow, this status can be used to move orders into it as you begin the task(s) of processing the order.  
  • Partially Shipped - For orders that could not be completely fulfilled at the time of processing but rather need to go out in partial shipments.
  • Cancelled - Orders placed into this status will be cancelled. This action will return the item ordered to your store's inventory, and you will be given the option of emailing the customer at that time.  (Note: the returning of applicable funds to the shopper will need to be bia via your payment processor)
  • On Hold - If it is part of your workflow, this status may be used to move orders that need to be put on hold for reasons such as out of stock items or confirmation.
  • Not Completed - When orders are not successfully completed, the order will reside in this status.  This is an automatic status in the fact that the order is placed here automatically when it fails to complete.  If the shopper returns to complete their order - and is successful - the order will move to the new status.
  • Unpaid - When using Offline Payment Methods such as check or money orders, it is a good idea to have the order reside in this status.  This way you or your staff do not accidentally process the order until the funds are received.

In some cases, you may also see alternative Status Queues made possible by various optional plugins and add-ons to your base 3dcart store.  These include:

  • Recurring - If using 3dcart's Recurring Orders (AutoShip) Add-On, this status will house the template of the recurring order.  To cancel an order's recurrence, simply move the templated order out of this queue. 
  • Review - If Using 3dcart's Fraud Watch Screening Rules, this status will house orders that have been placed as "Under Review" by the rules you set up.

Tip: You have the ability to hide any of these order status queues if they are not needed for your business.  You can also create up to three custom status queues for whatever purpose you need.  These abilities are found by going to Settings =>General =>Store Settings and clicking on the "Edit Order Status" link within that page.  For more information on this, please review our knowledgebase article by clicking here.

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