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General Settings

By going to Settings =>General you will be presented with the following sub-menus:

  • Settings =>General =>Store Settings
    This sub-page will let you configure many of your store's general settings such as order invoice numbering, column displays and other typical settings.
  • Settings =>General =>Store Modules
    The Store Modules sub-menu will contain many of the optional built-in functions of your store including the product review system, affiliate program, and more.
  • Settings =>General =>Merchant Information
    Here, you will have the options available to set your business' corporate and contact details.
  • Settings =>General =>Administrator Access
    The administrator access page will let you create all of the additional staff logins you might need for your Online Store Manager.
  • Settings =>General =>Distributors
    In the Distributors page, you will have the ability to add and configure the information relevant to the various distributors of your product lines.
  • Settings =>General =>Manufacturers
    While in the Manufacturers sub-menu, you can add a list of the various brands and makers of your wares so that products can be browsed to based on manufacturers.
  • Settings =>General =>Checkout Questions
    Here, you'll be able to create a series of questions that you can ask your shoppers during the checkout process.
  • Settings =>General =>IP Security
    This page will allow you to add security blocks to prevent specific IP addresses (or ranges of IPs) from having access to your store.

By following each link above, you can review more information about the functions and properties found in each sub-section.

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