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Themes & Styles

By going to Settings =>Design =>Themes & Styles in the left hand navigation menu, you will see an area of the 3dcart Online Store Manager where you can select a theme that your store will use. Your store's theme is basicaly made up of a frame.html file, which contains the general layout of your store's various elements; and a CSS file that determines the coloring and styles used for the store's design.

To use an architectural analogy, the frame.html file can be considered the site's blueprint in that it specifies where elements will be placed much like a building's blueprint will determine where specific rooms and areas are placed. Using the same architectural analogyfor the frame.html "blueprint," the CSS file will act as the building's designer that determines the coloring of the building, the coloring of its interior walls, and other general look & feel elements.

In the Themes & Style section, you will see an "Available Templates" tab listing your store available templates. When a theme is selected and added to your store, it will then reside in the "Installed Templates" tab so that it can be edited further or changed to a previous installed theme as needed.

3dcart has over 70 pre-created themes that can be used free of charge, each with their individual frame and CSS combination. You also have the option of using a Premium Template for your store which are specially designed themes that you can purchase additionally. See your Sales associate for more information if you'd like to purchase a premium theme!

Note: For more information about your theme's HTML and CSS files, please review our knowledgebase articles regarding these topics

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