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By going to Marketing =>Mailing Manager in the Left Hand Navigation Menu, you will have access to several functions to manage and maintain your 3dcart store's built-in Newsletter features.

These sub-menues include:

  • Newsletters
    Add HTML-rich newsletter emails to your store for the purposes of marketing your business or otherwise informing your customer base of upcoming events and news.
  • Manage Subscribers
    View and manage all of the customers and prospective shoppers who have signed up for your newsletters. You can also review and manage users who have asked to be removed from your mailing lists.
  • Subscription Groups
    Create groups of mailing list subscribers to help manage targeted newlestter campaigns
  • SmartLists
    Manage a series of pre-built (or create your own) SQL statements that allow you to segmentize your newsletters so that they are targeted to users based on their order information.

For more complete information on using your store's built-in Newletter functions, please click here for our knowledgebase article on the topic.

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