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Your 3dcart store comes with a built-in Promotion Manager located by going to Marketing =>Promotion Manager in the Left Hand Navigation Menu.

Once there, you can create and manage all of your store's special giveaways and promotional discounts.

Simply click on the "Add Promotion" button located at the top and pecify the promotions basic details such as:

  • Promotion Name
    Something to identify the promotion to your shopper when they qualify for it and see it in their order
  • Description
    A brief description for your shoppers notifying them of the details of the promotion like what it entails, and any restrictions it might have
  • Start & End Dates
    The promotion's Validity Period
  • Promotion Type
    Whether the promotion will be automatically applied (upon qualification) or if it requires a coupon to be entered before the discount/promotion is applied.
  • Discount Offered
    Here you will designate the monetary amount or percentage given to shoppers

After you have entered the basic information, you will then need to fine tune the promotion by specifying settings in two separate sections:

  • Promotion Rules
    Specific conditions that must be met on the order so that the shopper qualifies for the promotion. For example, shoppers from a specific customer group or geographical location must have products from a specific category or specific amounts of products in their basket in order to qualify for the promo.
  • Promotion Offers
    Here you will configure what the shopper gets after qualifying for the promotion rules set above. For example, meeting the correct cusotmer group or geographical location, plus having the right amount of products in the cart will qualify the shopper to receive 15% off their order. Or 15% off a particular product in their order. Maybe even a free item added to the cart for purchasing X product.

There are many possibilities in creating your promotions.

For more information on using the promotion manager, as well as some examples of promotions to try, please review our knowledgebase article located here.

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