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Shipping Setup

In this next section we will outline the basic areas of where to set up your store's Shipping configurations.

Shipping costs can be calculated during orders so that your shoppers pay for the shipping of items during the chackout process.

There are two basic ways to calculate shipping costs:

  • Real-Time Shipping Calculation
    During Checkout, your store connects to your shipping carrier's database and - based on the order's origin, weight, & destination - calculates shipping for the shoper. This method requires having an account with the respective shipping carrier as well as tying the store's settings to said carrier so that the proper calculation calls are made during checkout.
  • Offline Shipping Calculation
    During Checkout, your store calculates shipping based on ranges based on factors such as the weight, quantity or value. This method does not require a carrier specific account, but does require some planning in order to set up the proper ranges and costs.

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