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The SocialCommerce menu of your 3dcart Online Store Manager will contain some options for maximizing your exposure to social sharing networks such as Facebook, Twitter and our own built-in Blogging module.

In the SocialCommerce Menu you will find the following options:

  • Blog
    This menu will contain the functions needed to create and manage your 3dcart store's integrated blog. The menu will contain three sub-menus:
    • Blog=>Articles
      Where you will create and post your blog articles
    • Blog =>Categories
      Where you will create and manage your blog categories for easier navigation
    • Blog=>Settings
      Where you will configure your blog settings
  • Facebook Store
    This menu will provide information in regards to creating a Facebook Page presence as well as a link to the knowledgebase instructions for setting up yur Facebook Store - which will act as a conduit between your Facebook Business Page and your 3dcart store, linking the two together!
  • Like Button
    This page will allow you to add a Facebook Like button to all of your product pages instantly.
  • Social Bookmarking
    You can also add Social Bookmarking links to your product pages by enabling this script which adds access to bookmarks for Facebook, Twitter, Email and scores of other social media links.

Note: Be sure to click on each link above to review details and instructions about the features from our Knowledgebase.

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