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Store Design

In the Store Design menus you can access the various areas where you can set your store's design elements and general look & feel. These areas include the following sections

  • Selecting a Theme
    The first menu in your store's design area is the Themes & Style section. This section will allow you to select the general theme that your site will use. A theme is essentially comprised of a frame file that composes the site's general layout, and a CSS file that will dictate the site's general colors and visual elements.
  • Additional Pages
    In the design menu's Site Content area, you will be able to specify additional pages to your site. This section is comprised of menu links, which generally apear at the top of your store's navigation; and extra pages which will typically appear along the bottom ofyour pages.
  • Titles & Content
    This section of the design menu will allow you to add content and edit information on each of your site's individual pages. This section also allows you to add title and SEO meta tags to the individual pages as well.
  • Store Language
    In the design menu's Store Language section, you will be able to edit the various labels and wording used on your site. While your site's HTML templates can be changed freely, the store language area affords an easier access to making basic changes.
  • Close Store
    During the design and maintenance period of your store, you may want to limit or otherwise close traffic coming to it. The design menu's Close Store section will allow for this.

In the next sections we will cover these areas in more detail.

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